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11 months ago

Can you set column widths for reports in the new dashboard pages?

I've been upgrading our existing dashboards using the new dashboard pages. 

For some of the report widgets, it seems that the report displayed is not remembering the users' settings for report column widths. 

My understanding is that I cannot set default report widths for other users. But if a user opens a report from a table, and adjusts the column widths, this is remembered by QB and the next time the user opens the report, the widths will be displayed based on widths set the last time the user opened the report. 

In the report widget on the new dashboard, the display appears to be independent of the user-specific report preferences.  If they go to the actual report on the report table from the widget, they will see the report with their column width preferences. Also, while a user can adjust column widths in a dashboard report widget, they don't "stick". If you refresh the page or navigate away and return, the QB default widths are re-applied. 

I would think that is would be especially important for a designer to set column widths on a dashboard report widget to make things display well.  For example, I have a report that has a column for Name (ASCII/Latin) and for Name (Arabic).  The first column is much longer than the other and pushes other columns out of the viewable area (e.g., forcing horizontal scroll). The settings of both name columns are the same in terms of max characters, etc. Yet QB makes one much wider than the other. 

I'm wondering whether I am missing something or if we just have to live with QuickBase's display algorithms for displaying reports in dashboard widgets. 

Paul Easton

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  • No solutions here, just adding fuel to the fire.

    While I appreciate the efficiency of the new report design, it's definitely lacking in the prettiness department. When you embed a report on a form or dashboard, the visible report gets handled as a small box in a much bigger box and the user-specific column adjustments are not retained after a refresh. No way around it as far as I know.

    Fixing this would be a great start, but overall the display algo needs to be updated so the default view looks a lot better, and then additional controls should be implemented. 

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      This is one of those 'can you just ...' requests that customers expect to be simple - in this case, 'can you just change the column widths, because I can't read the values', where it's more than a little embarrassing to have to apologise on behalf of Quickbase. Many of the issues seem small, but they do affect how customers view the usability of the platform.

      Jeremy Anson