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2 years ago

Can't save new exact form

I am trying to create a new exact form for one of my applications.  This would be the first exact form for this app but I have created others for different apps.  I'm using the same steps in creating this one but something isn't connecting and I have no idea why or what.

The set up instructions says that you can't have application tokens enabled yet when I'm first presented with connecting to QB the login screen has a field for an app token.  If I leave this field blank it prompts me to enter one.  So I created a token for my app and entered it.  The login screen is now happy but I never get the secondary screen where I can select the table the form should relate to or even to be able to give it a name.

I've even tried the open from QB option but nothing happens.  I'm starting from the QuickBase Exact Forms 2010 (64-bit version).dotm template file.  Is there a newer one that I should be using?  What troubleshooting steps can I take?  So frustrating!!!