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6 years ago

Capture date modified if reference field changes

Hi Everyone , I am currently in a project where i need to give data changes which has happened from past 1 week . Initially it looked easy as we have date modified in each and every table. But the catch is in almost every table there are reference field ( table to table relationship) . If those column changes then the reference table date modified does not change. For Eg . If in Table A , table B is being referenced the changes happens in table B get reflected to table A but date modified does not change. Any advise please

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  • 6 Years later.

    Is there a better way then creating 30 summary fields and a max field?

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      And six years leader, I am still here and six years later that's still the best way.

  • If lu want to have a parent know that maximum Date Modified of it�s children, then make a summary field of the Maximum Date Modified of its children.

    Then have a field that calculates the

    Max([Date Modified Of Children], [Date Modified])

    You can use this same technique with lookup fields as well when you are going �down� instead of Iup.
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      Yep, so you need 30 summary fields.  If it takes you 1 minute per field (it will take less that that once you get into a rhythm), it's still only a half hour.  Put on some music and just go at 'er.
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      Qrew Captain
      Thank you ,  Yes your solution worked . But the only issue which I have at the moment is that my Parent table is connected to 30-40 child table, which requires me to create 30 date modified  columns.  Would you recommend to do the same or if there is any other solution.