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3 years ago

Cascading Dropdowns Not Working

Hi, I am currently trying to make a cascading drop down menu where the options of one field are dependent on the selection of the previous. 
The hierarchy of my field is as follows:
Part Type -> Part Sub-Type -> Final Part Type -> Specific Part Type.

The structure of my app is shown below:

Once I had the structure set up, I first went to the "Final Part Type" tab and enabled the conditional values of the "Related Part Sub-Type" field. The conditions I set are shown below
Then, I used the same process and went to the "Related Final Part Type" field of the Specific Part Type table. My conditional values that I set are as shown:

However, when I add a final part only the dropdown menu for the Final Part Type is conditional. 

I used the "How to Add Cascading Dropdowns" article on the Quickbase help site in order to help me with the connections.

I am unsure of where I went wrong, any help would be appreciated!

Tom Leick

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  • Hi Tom,

    If all the settings look correct but you aren't seeing the right behavior on the form I would suggest double checking to make sure the relationship field you have on the form is the right one tied to the field settings you changed. Sometimes users will have more than one field with a very similar name and it is possible you have two reference fields with almost the same name (this can happen in cases where you have/had multiple relationships between tables).

    If you are still having trouble getting it to behave the way you expected the Care team can give you a second set of eyes in a support case and take a look at it with you to figure out what is going on. You can create a case by clicking Support where it appears in the upper right hand corner of the community or when you are in Quickbase by selecting the question mark icon in the global navigation and selecting Manage Support Cases. That way the team can go into the app and take a look at the specifics of your setup to see if they can help you identify what is going wrong.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager