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3 years ago

Change Connected Table Owner

I'm using a connected table (Quickbase to Quickbase Sync) but a colleague of mine is the owner for the connection. We want to change the owner to be a service account a few people in the IT team have access to, that way we don't have to rely on 1 person to always be available as changes are needed, but I can't figure out how to transfer ownership from 1 account to the next. There has to be a way right? Otherwise my only option would be... deleting the connection & making a new one from scratch? And that would mean downtime for the connection, plus lost audit logs/history of the existing connection.

Harrison Smith

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  • I did this somewhat recently, and if I remember correctly, you would have make a new connection and then reconnect the table. There is not much down time, you make the connection, then just switch it over, but I understand the annoyance. You also have to transfer ownership of Pipelines and Automations. If you use 3rd party add-ons....the list goes on.

    My solution? Don't transfer anything. Change your account email and name to the Service Account. Then, simply create a new account for your personal email.

    I did this and it worked almost flawlessly. The only slight annoyance is the name in the pipelines never changes. It all works just fine, it's just that I changed my Name (Mike) to the Name 'Service_Account'. When I log in to the service account pipelines, it still says 'you are using the Pipelines of Mike'.

    Small annoyance, but worth it for the ease of everything else.

    Mike Tamoush