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9 months ago

Changing the Key Field on a Connected Table

I have two tables in the same app - Client and Client Details. Let's say Client Details is a subset of Client. The reason I made a subset table is there are too many dependencies that may get impacted if I edit the main Client Table.

The Client Details table is connected to Client Table and refreshes automatically. If I go and change the key field in the Client Details Table (Subset table), will it impact the main Client Table key field?

Record ID#2 is set as the key field as well as the Refresh key field for the Client Details Table whereas the same field in Client Table is set as the key field for that table.

My question is if I change the key field alone in Client Details table to RecordID#, will this impact the key field for the patent Client table?

Rahul Mathew

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  • No it will not. Any changes to a sync table won't impact the parent/source table so you're fine to change it as you see fit. 

    Chayce Duncan