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6 years ago

change field type from ""list-user"" to ""user

I have a field that I need to change from List user type to just user - but i cant do it in the field properties.  The field ID is used across a lot of reports as well as external applications, so just creating a new field and transferring the data is not really an option.

Is it possible for a Quickbase tech/admin to do this in the backend?  All fields only have 1 user in anyway, so the data should be fine.

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  • Hi Geoffrey,

    Unfortunately List - User fields are one of two specific field types (the other is Multi-Select Text) that once a field is created as that type or converted into that type they aren't able to convert back. They are fields that format differently then most fields in Quick Base in order to hold multiple values. Once they are applied to that type there isn't a built in function to convert the existing field. The fix is to create a new field to mirror the data in the right field type (in this instance a user field) and then once that data is in place replace the existing field. I'm sorry there isn't a technical fix I could recommend in this instance.