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4 months ago

Changed To / Changed From

I have a old form I am currently trying to migrate to the new format.  The old form has a rule:

when the record is saved, 

if [Field Name] 'has been changed to' "this"


[Field Name] 'has been changed from' "that"

Abort save and say "cant do that"

I am having trouble replicating this in the new form, as it doesn't have 'changed to' and 'changed from'.  Any ideas on how to achieve the same result?

Luke McInnes

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  • The new forms don't have this behavior as of yet to my knowledge (or at least the last time I checked) - you will have to find a workaround for now by freezing the old value into a field on the form and then comparing. So that might look like: 

    1. A rule that when the record is saved - store the value of your field into a 'Freeze' field
    2. Before rule (1) fires - compare the current value of the field to the freeze value and if it fails your test abort the save - otherwise let it through and allow the above rule to fire so the freeze value resets.

    Chayce Duncan