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2 years ago

Changing text YYYYMMDD to date field MM-DD-YYYY

I've reviewed many posts but haven't been able to find one that shows me how to correct my imported text from YYYYMMDD to date format MM-DD-YYYY.  (I'm a beginner.  Feel free to also tell me who your favorite YT trainer is.)

Emily Bejarano

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  • I suggest you create a formula date field with this formula.   For ease of reading I make use of Formula Variables

    var text YYYYMMDD = [insert your imported field here];
    var number YYYY = ToNumber(Left($YYYYMMDD, 4));
    var number MM   =  ToNumber(Mid($YYYYMMDD, 5,2));
    var number DD     = ToNumber(Right($YYYYMMDD,2));


    As for YouTube Training, The fun videos are put out by Sharon Faust, aka The Quickbase Junkie.

    But Quickbase University has a complete training program which can lead to Certification.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)