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3 years ago

Check Box to copy over an address

Hello everyone.  I am building our CRM for our company and so far its has been pretty good.  I am really trying to cut down on double entry to minimize errors. One thing I do have for our customer database is a table where all of the customer information is stored.  In another table th job information goes, but pulls basic information from the customer database. 
Because we have a customer address, job address, and billing address the information sometimes has to be entered 3x.  I would like a checkbox that can be checked and it auto pulls the information from the customer database into the job table.  I hope this make sense.  I am just so confused on how to make this happen.  I only want this pulled when the checkbox is checked. 

Thank you in advance! 

Jennifer Meyer

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  • np, (but there is a trick)

    I am going to make the assumption that you were using address fields in QuickBase. This is a special field type which it's really six subfields combined into one field on the form.

    You can do a look up of those six individual address subfields from the customer down to your jobs table.  Then you can have a form rule that says this.

    Multiple conditions are true

    Street address 1 is blank
    [Ship to same as Customer Address] is checked.

    Change [Address Street 1] the value in the field [Customer Address Street 1 (lookup)]
    Change [Address Street 1] the value in the field [Customer Address Street 2 (lookup)]
    etc for the other 4 address sub fields.

    The only reason you might want to check if Street address one is blank is just in case you want to prevent someone from accidentally checking that box and overriding information that was manually entered in the ship to field. But maybe you don't want that extra condition.

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