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2 months ago

Checkbox Formula - only pertinent records

Hello all, trying to have a checkbox formula that will look to see if all checkboxes are checked for a section, which I have working. But I need to limit it by project, so it doesn't think they are all the same, since each project will have its own checklist. How do I alter the syntax to correctly only associate the checkboxes on the same project?



([Yes] = true and [Section] = "Lorem Ipsum") or

([No] = true and [Section] = "Lorem Ipsum" ) or

([N/A] = true and [Section] = "Lorem Ipsum"), AND <I need to limit this to only items on the same project>

Ive tried to put in and GetRecords("{16.EX."&[Project - Record ID#]&"}",[_DBID_CHECKLISTS])

But it returns the error "The operator 'and' cant be returned on types 'bool' and 'recordlist' 

What syntax am I missing to limit the IF check to only items that are part of the same project?

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  • Can you explain the structure? One project has many of ....something? And on the child table is the formula checkbox?

    Also, what is the ultimate goal - if there are at least TWO N/A section Lorem Ipsum in a project, they are both checked, but if there is only one then it is not checked?