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3 years ago

Checkbox to Populate Date Field

Good day,

I need some advise on which formula I can use for a Date field that populates when a checkbox is ticked.

This field should behave a bit like a time stamp, so only when the checkbox is ticked change the date field to today.

The checkbox is used in a grid edit view, so I can't use form rules for this one.

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  • I would use a pipeline.  Set it to trigger when the checkbox field is updated and is equal to true.  Then have it update the date field to today's date.  You can do that by creating a date formula field in the table that just has the expression "today()", and then copying the value from that field over to the timestamp field.

    Tyler Jablonski
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      I'm not too familiar with Pipelines, but I'm keen to give that method try.

      I wrote a formula today that seems to work, but I am worried that the formula below will just update to the next following everytime the record updates. Is there any other workarounds for this formula?


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        Tyler is correct that you either need to use in pipeline or an automation to do this. The formula you posted will always return the current date once the check box is checked. It will not be frozen.

        As you posted, if all of your editing was in a form then you could use a form rule but once you get into great at it then you need to use an automated process which kicks in after the record is saved. 

        If you're not up to learning pipelines immediately you can do this with an automation knowing that end of life for automations has been announced in sometime within the next 16 months or so you will have to migrate this to a Pipeline.

        I suggest setting up an automation to do this and worrying about the pipeline conversion later.

        Mark Shnier (YQC)