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10 months ago

Child table updates and triggers an email from Parent table

Not sure if this is possible, but looking for a creative way to trigger an email when a child record is added.  BUT the email needs to trigger from the parent record.

Parent table:  Adds customer information.

Connected Child table adds an issue and up to 3 issues can be added.Seebelow:

I was hoping that I could get the child record to update "Issue Added" check box on the parent table and I could fire the email off of that.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

Kathy Benjamin

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  • This,  would be easy to do with a Pipeline.  On the parent record, you could have a Checkbox field, which when change would trigger an email notification.  Then you could have a Formula Field on the Parent Rykert, which would be the opposite of that Checkbox field.  

    The formula would be. 

    not [my check box field]

    The pipeline would trigger when a child record is added it within the next step would be to look up the parent record, I think that step is called Fetch record, and then the step after that would be to change the checkbox field to the value in the field opposite checkbox field

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)