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3 years ago

Color-Coding Help


I'm trying to color code my team's calendar so that the user sees their events in one color, and the rest of the teams events in another color.  

For example, is Ryan is looking at the calendar all the events he's created are blue, and the rest of the team's events are green.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Frenis

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    You would need a way to compare the current user to the employee that owns the record I believe. You would create a relationship between your Employees table and whatever table you wanted to filter on. The reference field in the child table for this relationship will be a formula user field that is simply User() to grab the current user at the time they are using the app.

    Then in your colorization formula you would want the top most option to be that [Employee] = [Current User] and color code on that. I think that would work for this.
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      Try this

      If([Employee Userid On Record field] =User(), "green", "yellow")

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