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2 months ago

Conditional Drop-down


I'm currently working on implementing a conditional drop-down field. I have a parent table named 'Units' and a child table named 'Programs.' The Program associated with specific units. I was able to create a conditional drop-down however, I can only select one option in the drop-down, is there a way for me to make a conditional field a multi-select text drop-down?


Dipa Panchall


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  • This is not possible. You would need something that says, 'The field in this table' contains 'the field in table 2'.

    I needed this in the past as well. There may be a feedback created for it. If I have time I will look. If you find it, please post to this string and I will upvote it.

    Mike Tamoush
  • Unfortunately Quickbase doesn't have a conditional multiselect like that. If you want to have multiple selections you will need to create multiple relationships and copy the conditional dropdown settings for each one so they all operate the same if you want to create a type of multiple selection. The gist is you have Selection (1), Selection (2), (3) .... until you reach the practical limit you want. 

    For reporting you can create a formula multi-select that lists the selections made in your set of dropdowns if that's needed. 

    Chayce Duncan