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2 years ago

Connecting Different Apps to Each other

Okay...completely new here so bear with me...

We have a construction company focused on roofing and siding and I'm trying to setup our apps for customers > opportunities & tasks > work orders, tasks and expenses...

So I created three different opps...I noted some overlap with work orders and opportunities under the customer manager tabs...and the fact that none of these are related to each other and sharing information and I can't figure out how to connect them...cuz help please?? 

I considered just working with the customer manager because it does have work orders/opportunities but I am not seeing more in depth use besides the area for tasks or expenses so I'm lost here...Sure there is something very obvious that I am missing...please help. Thanks! 

Alicia Crews

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  • Alicia, 

    I'm not sure if you are talking about template projects/app that you are trying to tie together or apps that you are creating from scratch. 

    You can always use connected tables - - to tie tables from different quickbase apps together. 

    Depending on the level of integration you are looking for - you may want to look at a custom built app that has the key elements you need, but if you are going to try and integrate expenses with a different external system - like quickbooks, just for your own sanity, you probably want to use the focused-app approach and connected tables or if you data volume and comlexity is low cross-app relationships... as long as you aren't seeing thousands and thousands of transactions a day - you can probably get away with cross-app relationships. 

    Best of luck - and I'm sure there are voices here more insightful than mine. 

    joe vandervest