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3 years ago

Connecting Multiple Tables - Many to Many?

I'm trying to relate two tables. The background - we are using the app to track contacts. One type of contact is "Writers" which would be associated with one or more "Outlet". An outlet can also be associated with more than one writer.

Quick Base doesn't give the option to use a report link/drop down as a multi-select function, so I'm not sure how to associate multiple records from both tables.

In the writers table, you should be able to see all of the outlets associated with that writer. And in the outlets table, be able to see all associated writers.

Right now, I would have to create multiple records of the same Outlet to associate multiple Writers.

Chelsea Giacchi

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  • In QB, many to many is done by making a third table. There are different naming conventions, but I call mine Table A Table B Assignments.

    So in your case you would need a 3rd table called Writer Outlet Assignments. Writers have many assignments, and Outlet have many assignments.

    Mike Tamoush