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5 years ago

Convert rich text to plain

I have a rich text field which can be quite long. I'd like to display truncated versions of it in some report views. I'm not aware of a function for converting rich text to plain (that is, stripping out HTML characters). When I use a simple formula like Left, the problem is that this will frequently break the long field, because closing tags won't be part of the truncated value. So the truncated version becomes something like 
<span>The lazy brown fox jum
Any ideas how to strip out HTML (rich text tags)?

Jonathan Heuer

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  • Were there any responses / solutions for this?  I am having a similar issue.  I have a "Rich Text" field in one application and I want to have an automation run to send the contents of that field to a "Text" field in another application; but the results are in HTML format and it is not user friendly.

    Michael Jameson