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3 years ago

Copy Records across Tables

Is there a way to have the entry of a record on one table create/modify another table automatically?

I need an user on table B to be able to add additional data, however not edit table A entry data.  Ideally, user of table B would not see the record until user on table A creates it.

Additionally, how do I remove the +Add record button from table B?

Alycn Bjergo-Justen

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  • Hi Alcyn,

    It is possible to use Pipelines in Quickbase to automate your workflows. For example set it up so that when a Project is added to table A it creates a Project Detail request on table B pre-populated with data and related to table A with some fields users would need to fill in. Then you could create another Pipeline to pass that information back. If you haven't had a chance to use Pipelines yet our University has a number of courses that cover automating workflows with Pipelines and how to get started. I hope that information points you in the right direction Alcyn.

    Evan Martinez