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3 years ago

Count function help


I currently have a text box to show the request number. I would like to make this automatic. How can I do this? 

Right now, each user has to look at the report which shows how many have been entered, and they have to fill in the next sequential number. 

Thanks for the help.


Brandy Nunes

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  • One approach is to make a helper table with a single record in it. The table will be called Next Request #.  When you enter the one record it will be record ID# of 1. 

    Then you can make a formula field in your details request table which calculates to one. The formula will be 1.   Call it Link to [Next Request #] 

    Then make a relationship based on that field where the next request number table​​ has Many requests.  Yes summary of the highest request number so far and then have a formula Field that has one to that and then look that up down to requests.

    Lee, make a form rule that says if the request number is blank change the value to the value in the field next request number look up. Fire that​ "all the time" uncheck the box.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)