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3 years ago

Creating a Report

In my database, I have a parent table A and Childs table B.  What my users want is when there aren't any records in childs table B to show all those records only.  I was able to accomplish this by making summary field checkbox.  Checkbox is checked if there are related records in Childs table.  Worked great however, now they have come back and said that if childs table B field only has one record that equals  ME report (this field is a multiple choice field) then we still want those records from parent table A to show up.  I created a combined text summary field.  I am trying to create a formula checkbox field to state if combined text field = ME Records and # of medical records = 1 then check the checkbox.

I am not sure how go about making this formula.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sandralee Oster​

Sandralee Oster
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