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6 years ago

Creating a warning message for missing informaiton

I have a field setup to warn people of missing information needed on a form. In this instance, it is a generic set of information. What I need to do now is write a warning message based on the company type (i.e. contractor, customer, vendor). Is there a way to add a Case to this and
 then nest the IF's under each Case.


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  • Joey,

    Please pst your actual code copy and not pasted, not a screen shot. Can't read it and can�t edit it.
  • Here you go!

    var text Warnings = List("<br>",

    If([BSS Vendor #]<>"","","BSS Vendor #"),
    If([Legal Contact - Full Name]<>"","","Legal Contact Name"),
    If([Legal Contact - Email]<>"","","Legal Contact Email"),
    If(ToText([Corporation Type])<>"","","Corporation Type"),
    If(ToText()<>"","","Trade Type"),
    If(ToText()<>"","","Trade License#"),
    If([# COI]=0,"COI"),
    If([# MSA]=0,"DocuSigned MSA")

    If($Warnings <>"", "<span style=\"color:red;font-size:110%; font-weight:bold\">Missing Information:<br>" & $Warnings)

    In essence, I want a different set of messages for the different company types!
  • Do you want a different warning for each company, for each warning "type"?
    If([BSS Vendor #]<>"","",
    "ABC Food Service","ABC Food Service Vendor Number",
    "ABC Kitchen Construction","Construction Vendor #",
    "BSS Vendor #"),