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4 months ago

Creating different colors for Quickbase icons

We utilize the check icons (i.e. ), but have used every color available (red, purple, blue, cyan, green, black, yellow). We need to use additional versions/colors for a few other use cases. Has anyone modified and/or created custom versions of these icons in different colors? 


Chris Green

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  • I'm not familiar with these icons specifically - but they seem to just be png files so you could just make you're own if you wanted to - or depending on how you're using them you could just build out your own <div> element to represent the check icon that you're currently pulling the image of and swap out an infinite amount of colors as well. 

    Chayce Duncan
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      The standard cons are here and widely used 

      Just make sure if you build your own table of icons that you may as well open it up to be viewable by Everyone On The Internet. That way you don't have to worry about lack of permissions because if a user doesn't have permission to see your own table of extra icons then of course it will not render for them.  

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)