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3 years ago

Creative Solution for using a dynamic filter

I have a table that pulls in information from multiple other tables. For this exercise, say one table is Projects Table, and the other is an Events Table.

Each project has a single manager.
Events do not have managers.

I have a report that shows a mix of events and projects. I want to be able to have a dynamic filter on the report that allows me to filter by manager, with the catch that I ALWAYS want ALL Events still showing. Essentially, the projects filter but the events don't.

The only way I can think to do this is with a report filter where one set of the 'Or' opertor is 'Ask the User'.

Any creative way to do this with a dynamic formula? I am trying to think of a create formula I can make that will trick QB into doing this, but so far am coming up blank.

Mike Tamoush

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    You could try a Report Formula, something like:

    If([Manager] != "", "Projects and Events", "Events")

    Then add the report formula as a column in the report.  They can't be used as one of the 5 dynamic filters, but in the new report style you can filter on each column.

    Just my 2 pennies.

    Paul Peterson