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Customizing Stacked Bar Charts

I have a stacked bar chart that I'm currently using to both convey the overall completion status as well as the Status of 5 'project' phases (Prelim Activity, Prelim Design, Final Design, Bidding, Construction). It is a pretty functional chart that is used as a quick reference & has effective 'drill' down charts & reports, depending on the hierarchy at hand (Parent/child hierarchy....Portfolios containing projects, projects containing job files, job files containing scope of work items)Anyways, the main issue I'm having is with the X -axis labeling. The only each my peers/clients have with the chart is that the x-axis bar shows project completion 0% to 500% complete. If I try to re-scale to where each 'phase' is 25% of the project, then I loose the ability to be able to 'hover' over a bar & at a glance see that (example) 'Lakeview Ave' is at 40% completion of 'Final Design'. Is there a way to turn off the bottom X axis scale bar within a stacked bar chart in QB? Also, is there a way to establish a set extent of the x axis for stacked bar chart rather than just the depending on the highest figure? My currently work around for that is make a formula field for total 'project remaining' calculated by 500% - current total all project phases (EX. P1 100%, P2 100%, P3 40% = 260% remaining...which 'locks' my x-axis extent to 500%...which again is something I want to hide in the background)

This is my first community forum post, although I have found many other posts useful. I hope to facilitate some good discussion & would appreciate any tips/tricks from fellow quickbase users. Not necessarily looking for a solution providers solicitation ;)

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