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2 years ago

Dashboard KPI Widget Delta Change

Trying to understand how to correctly use the dashboard KPI Widget Delta change feature.

My scenario:
I have a chart/gauge report called 'Alerts today' that counts the # of alert records based on an Alert Date field.   The report is filtered where the Alert Date is during the current day

I then created a Dashboard KPI widget and selected the Alerts Today report.  I want to take advantage of the Delta Change feature and selected the same Alert Date field as the 'Field for Comparison'​ and the comparison period as 'Yesterday'.   My hope was this would show some kind of "delta change" of the # of alerts from today compared to the # of alerts from yesterday.    But the delta change is always showing the value of alerts from today.

For example- if we received 100 alerts yesterday and 20 alerts today I was hoping 'delta change' would show either "↓80 alerts  but instead its showing "↑20".    I'm assuming I have some conflict between the filter in my report looking for alerts from today and then setting the comparison date to yesterday.   In which case I appreciate any help as to how I might meet my requirement which is to show a KPI widget that displays alerts with and alert date from today and shows the delta change compared to the # of alerts with an alert date of yesterday.


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  • Jennason,

    When you filter the report to only include alerts from today, there is nothing to compare in order to discriminate a delta change. You will have to include alerts from yesterday as well if you want to show the delta change from yesterday to today.

    You could have two widgets: one to display today's alert count and one to display today and yesterday showing the delta change.


    Adam Keever