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8 months ago

Dashboard Report Hiding Columns?

Hello -

On a dashboard I have several reports added. The right most report is a table report with two columns. On my monitor I am able to see all the info when at 100% zoom. On my laptop screen, it gets cut off with a scroll bar. I understand it is the size difference, but the issue is if I scroll to the right in the report it does not actually scroll the report so it does not display the second column at all. Playing around with zoom on the screen I've figured out it is functioning as if (in excel) i froze the first column, so the first column does not scroll but the second does. so (on my laptop) in order to see the full report I have to zoom out to 50%. Any idea why this is happening or how to fix since I assume a majority of users will be only on a laptop screen at one point or another and viewing way zoomed out is not ideal.

Thanks in advance,
Jennifer Paschal

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  • I do not have an answer to that problem, but what I tend to do for dashboard reports is to always include a widget that will run the full report. That way they get the advantage of a larger screen area and full access to searching and dynamic filters. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)