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14 days ago

Dashboard Variants


I created a new app which helps give a high view of the entire realm (all apps, tables, fields, reports, requests, etc). 

On this app, I have a user's table, which is populated by the admin console connection. I have added to this table to include department, user contact phone number, state of residence, etc. I am trying to figure out a way to "force" them into filling their information out on this single table. My idea is to (if possible) show them a dashboard with just a single button for them to edit their user information, or hide all other tables until they edit their user information on the user table.

Hopefully I am just overthinking it and it's a simple fix.

Any ideas?

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  • In case anyone is trying to create a similar "onboarding" effect with limited apps until the user completes certain tasks, the way I did this was by creating a role called 'Onboarding'. I hid all tables and only showed one button on the dashboard. The user is then taken to a new form with steps. The user is greeted with an embedded welcome video, and then required to fill in information on the next couple steps. I then created a button that sends the user to a new page (via code page), with a spinning circle and percentage that gradually increases. In the background, since the record was updated, an API is running that changes their permissions. Once the percentage reaches 100%, pipelines has changed their permissions to 'Participant' and the user can now see all tables and a new dashboard. I utilized magic buttons app to construct the button/ code page and just tweaked it slightly to my liking. 

    Hope this helps someone down the road!