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2 years ago


I don't really know how to explain what I am looking for...
We have several different teams (from 1-24) and what I would like to figure out is how I can have one generic dashboard where the reports, charts etc... will automatically drill down to whatever dashboard that is logged into.
For example; if a manager is over Team 6 then when he logs in - he goes directly to his dashboard - then the queries in the reports would run for Team 6 - and I do not have to build 24 individual reports for this weeks hours and add to the dashboards...
Does this make sense?
And does anyone have an idea about how I might start looking at doing this?

Hans Hamm

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  • Congratulations on having the sanity to not go down that path of 24 reports and 24 dashboards.

    The way I do this is to have a table of users where the Key field is the userid.  I the have a multi select field called say [Teams Filter] for the teams that that user is on, meaning that their reports should be filtered for.

    Then the magic is to create a relationships to any detail tales used in reports where the reference field on the right side is [Current User] with a formula of


    Then lookup the the [Teams Filter] down to details and filter a SINGLE report were either the ToText of the Teams Filter contains the record [Team] or else the [Teams Filter] is blank meaning no filter.  I would make a formula checkbox field to do that logic ad then filter the reports on the checkbox formula field.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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    The "new"  Quickbase dashboards let you build a filter into the dash itself.  As long as you have built all the reports with the appropriate fields from the dashboard filter, everything will change.

    The downside is your Users have to set the filter every time they open the dashboard, it is not automatic.

    Don Larson