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5 years ago

Data Validation: Is there a capital letter


Subject is the request, i'd like to know a way to detect if there is a capital letter in any given text field. Has anyone solved this?


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  • How about this (not tested but it should work)

    IF([My Text Field], <> Upper([My Text Field]), "Data has Capitals!!  Please correct the error and attempt to save again.")

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      I don't think Mark's answer will fully work... as the only way that [Field] will equal Upper([Field]) is if every letter is capitalized... not if only one such as "Mark", it would have to be "MARK". 

      To get the desired effect would be to have:

      If([Field] <> Lower([Field]), "Field has a capital letter","There are no capital letters")

      Ryan Stanford