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3 years ago

Default report link in table view

When creating relationships between tables the system automatically creates a link field and add new field.  The link field, when selected will open either a report or form for the associated child records.  What I am seeing is that if there are multiple children then the link will open the results in the report view, however if there is only 1 child then the link will open the result in the form view.  Is there any way to force the link to always open in report view regardless of how many children?



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  • That is how a report link behaves.

    If you really want to force a report then you will need to build you own URL formula field.   iI you want to go though those hoops to do that post back and I will explain how to make an <ask the user> report and run it from the URL formula button.

    Assume you know that you can set the form to show the child records directly on the form so of course that will always be a report.

    But maybe you are using the report link field on a report.

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      I am using the link on a report.  I do know how to display the report results directly into a form, but in this case the users are seeing a summary of items in a parent table (report view) that includes a link to open the associated children records.  I am just seeking to the ability to standardize the user experience and notice that it is different for 1 child record vs. multiple children records.


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        You would need to create a report with an <ask the user> filter based on which Parent record to display. 
        ie where [Related Parent] is <ask the user> 

        Then create a formula URL like this

        URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_Child_Table] & "?a=q&qid=99&v0=" & [Record ID#]

        replace the _DBID_Child_Table with the table alias fond at the bottom of the Advanced Settings page for the child table, but still in [Square Brackets]

        Replace 99 with the report # that you created.


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