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3 years ago

Default Role Settings Hide Tables


Is it possible to make it a default that new tables are hidden from roles instead of always visible to all roles? Often tables we dont want all roles to see it, it would be easier if the default was that new tables were hidden until granted access, not automatically grant access. 


Mackenzie Phillips

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  • Hi Mackenzie,

    There isn't a way to change this default when building a new table, they show up as visible to all roles. You can change this once a new table is made either on a role by role basis in your role permissions and even remove it from their table bar using the UI options or right from the table you can remove edit and view permissions by going into the table settings and then selecting the Access header. From there you can decide which of your roles are able to see or edit records.

    Evan Martinez
  • Mackenzie,

    I completely agree. Maybe it's worth starting a user feedback for this? I would upvote.

    I combated this by in my new apps setting all my roles to 'hide all tables'. I decided I wouldn't let my users get into tables, only link them reports etc from the home page. This has worked well and makes it so I don't have to remember to keep clicking through every single role and hiding the table...which is quite annoying and time consuming.

    However, I still have 2 apps where people have access to a couple tables and I need to go through this exercise quite often.

    Mike Tamoush
  • I wish! I added a UserVoice for this a couple years ago.

    Jim Harrison
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