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3 years ago

Demo app on Exchange: Pipelines - Create X Children

Hello, I was attempting to follow along to the demo app "Pipelines - Create X Children" by @Bree Mackey in my Builder account. The JSON step in the demo calls a URL via Restful API, and it seems to fail due to a "Validation Error: 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for this URL" (see screenshot).

I googled a bit and assume this error is either A. in how I entered my realm hostname and user token or B. originates with the Restful API content at the URL?

I compared my YAML to the demo sample, obscured and shared below, I think I got the realm host name correct for a builder account. Thanks,


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  • Hi @L S!

    It looks like your realm and token are entered correctly. Have you checked to ensure that token has access to the App/table you're making the call against?

    A great way to check your API call is by making the call directly in the API Portal itself. Just enter the info in the right-hand tray. (you'll need to hard-code a payload, following the examples in the API guide) If you still have issues - find me on the Quickbase Community slack @Bree Mackey or mention me here!



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