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2 years ago

Disappearing Data

For several weeks, data in lookup field drop-down boxes has been partially or completely disappearing randomly.  I have not been able to establish a pattern and it is affecting all users.  Most of the data supplied to the lookup fields comes from synced tables, however, this morning I had a local app table with less than 15 records completely disappear from the drop-down on the form. We have also had table report data completely disappear.  You have to refresh and/or totally exit Quickbase.  It disappears at random events as well.  I had it happen when removing a global search text entry.  I expected all records to appear after the text was deleted, however, all records disappeared.  I am getting ready to roll out to 700+ restaurants and this and several other issues will kill the project.  Any input appreciated.

Cathy Vanderkamp
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