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26 days ago

Display a logo on all child tables?

I have an image table where we have uploaded all of our clients logos so they are stored within our APP.  I would like to automatically have the company logo placed on certain forms in several different tables. Any suggestions as to how to do this?

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  • Try this syntax as a formula Rich Text field type


    "<img src=" & URLRoot() & "up/" & [_DBID_of the logo table goes here] &  "/a/r" & "99" & "/e7/v0" & "\" width=\"50\">"

    Replace the 99 with the record ID in the table of images that holds the image file attachment.

    Replace the 7 with the field ID of the field that holds the image.

    A recommended technique, particularly of you have any possibility of multiple apps, is to have a separate app just to hold a table of images. Set that to be open to Viewer role for "everyone on the internet" and also to be sure, set the image field properties to be accessible to users without logging in.

    If you use a separate app, hard code the Table ID string into the formula instead of using the [_DBID xxxx] reference