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5 months ago

Download Dashboard Report after filter?

If I have a global filter on a new dashboard, and once my table report is filtered I want to download that filtered report to a csv, is that possible?

I have 6 table reports, that will at times, all need to be filtered with the same couple of filters. Then, all downloaded to csv. Any creative ideas on doing this? Right now, my best idea is a user focus table and have the user select their personal filters, then filter the reports that way. However, they still need to open each report and download, so I am not actually saving them much time. Not sure if there is a better way I am forgetting.

Mike Tamoush

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  • Natively I doubt you'll get far with what's available. Since the reports don't have the easy access download link from the dash that I've seen it's going to be a lot of clicking to get each report to download. 

    Have you looked at PowerBI? You could build a PBI report and embed that on a dashboard and then you have all the controls associated with PBI to download the entire report or individual components along with filtering. 

    Chayce Duncan