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11 months ago

Drag & Drop out of a File Attachment field

Hello everyone! 

Does anyone know the secret to being able to drag and drop a file attachment out of Quickbase to another program, such as, DocuSign. Instead of doing a Pipeline, which I know there is a channel, we just wanted to have the ability to drag and drop the file attachment. Or being able to download all file attachments in a record. Thanks in advance for any insight into this. 

Laura Linssen

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  • Dragging and dropping a single file isn't possible to my knowledge, you have to consider that the file attachment you see is just a link to the underlying file so you have to bring it forth and actually download or programatically get the contents for you machine/browser to be able to drag and drop it. 

    Being able to download them all you could do with a code page and loop through all the file attachments to get the latest version and download, your browser will likely prompt you to allow it to download multiple things at once as a security measure. 

    Chayce Duncan
  • On my Mac I am routinely able to right click on a file attachment and do a "Save Link as", but then it goes into my file manager in order to save it on my local drives.  

    One option which I implemented for a client was the Browser extension called download them all

    They also have an extension for Firefox and perhaps some other browsers. The interface is a bit finicky to learn.  The extension looks for any file attachments on the whole page whether it be on a parent or child record and will mass download them into a file path on your local drive.  So it might work for you to download a batch of attachments onto a temporary file path on your computer and then drag them from there into other software products.  

    A disadvantage of the browser extension method is that you have to install it on every computer which is going to be using it and do a little bit of user training on it. In my use case there were a limited number of people who were doing these file downloads but in the end they were most appreciative of being able to push a button and download 20 files at once instead of doing them one by one so it was well worth their time to figure out the add-on.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)