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3 months ago

Dropdown list depends on another field user


I have 2 fields: 'Author role' (user) and 'Category' (dropdown list: A, B, C, D, E).

Is there a way to show just part of dropdown list, depend on the user on 'Author role' field?

For example:

If the user will be PM he will see only the values A,B,C in 'Category' dropdown

and If the user will be PE he will see only the values (C,D,E).

Thanks in advance,
Oriel Dotan

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  • Yes, you can create a table for your 'Categories' and then use conditional dropdowns to achieve this. 

    In your categories table you would enter them in such a way that you associate the 'Author Role' to the dropdown options so you data looks something like this: 

    Role    Option

    PM       A

    PM       B

    PM       C

    PE       C

    PE        D

    PE        E

    Then your conditional dropdown is based on matching the author role in the table where the dropdown lives to the role in your Categories table. 

    Chayce Duncan