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3 years ago

Dynamic Conditional Values Record Picking


I have an app that is building a scope of work based on several variables. I currently have four tables. 

  • Inventory Items
  • Scope of Work
  • Rooms
  • Materials

Inventory Items Table holds information about materials that can be selected such as pricing, check boxes for which rooms the inventory items can be present in a project, description, units of measure, internal accounting codes, etc. 

The Scope of Work Table holds information regarding each project and can have several rooms created within it from the Rooms table. 

The Rooms Table is rather basic and mostly functions as a bridge of information to be bundled and siloed. It is important to note, on this table a "Room Type" is selected (bath, bed, living room, etc). 

The Materials Table is mainly a child of the Rooms Table, allowing for individual items from the Inventory Table to be added into individual Rooms that are built on the Room Table. 

Now we come to the issue I am having, all 600+ materials have check boxes of the list of rooms they can be present in (list attached below). I am in need of finding a way to limit the "Materials" that can be selected from the record picker on the Materials Table to the Inventory Table, to match the "Room Type" that has been selected on the Rooms Table. I have created a record picker report on the Inventory Table that I am using on the Materials Table and am also pulling the "Room Type" from the Room Table to the Materials Table. However I can not sort out a way that is dynamic enough to limit what is available in the record picker report to only items that are marked as "true" to being present in currently selected room. Each material may be present in several rooms. 

List of rooms:

Paint & Prep
Living Room
Dining Room

Aaron Wright

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  • Hi Aaron,
    I don't believe that in your use case you won't be able to get a typical conditional drop down working. I do have another method which would work like this.

    The user would launch off of a room and under the covers that would set a user focus so that the app knows what room the user is focussed on. That click would land the user on a report of all Inventory items which qualify as being valid for that Focus Room. The user would be able to click click click to quickly add materials to the room and then when they are done they would click another button to get back to the room where they would see that all the material child records have been added.   You can decide if once an inventory item is selected for a room that it then becomes ineligible to be selected the second time.  

    I would probably take a couple of hours of consulting time to get working. If you have a small budget feel free to contact me directly by email.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)