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3 years ago

Editing Records Code

I have a button that is attached to email notifications and when the button is selected in the email it edits a numeric value in one of my tables. I would like the button to add to the existing current value in the table but what ends up happening is it adds to value that was in the table at the time the email was sent out. So if the email got sent out and the data changed since then when the user selects the button the value in the table is changed to the original value plus the specified addition rather than adding to the current value. The code bit that I am using as of now to add is, & "&_fid_154+=2". Is there a way around this? Any help is appreciated.

Hank Halverson

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  • I think that instead you would need to trigger an Automation or a Pipelines to do this update.  Then the value would be current when the Automation or Pipeline ran.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)