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10 months ago

Efficient ways to find duplicates from a specific field.


Usually, i use a formula query to identify duplicates for a specific field but on this one table, it has over 500k records and the query cannot handle it. Have you guys find another solution in finding duplicates? I was hoping to mark the individual records (formula-checkbox) to see which records have the same info for the same field.


Tim D

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  • You can do it the "old school" way, which is to have a parent table of unique values, and a summary field to count the number of children and then look up that summary value back down to the children and you will know on each child a count of how many identical twins there are among those children.  

    The post here describes how you would initialize that parent table and how you would keep it updated using a pipeline.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)