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3 years ago

Email Templates HTML edit before Sending (without code!)

Hi! I am looking for an efficient way to use my email templates in QB. 

An email template would look like this:

Hi (name field) congratulations! Here are your next steps
  • Sign and return the attached form
  • Send me document 1
  • Send me document 2 
  • Take this class (link) 
    • Send me the completion certificate that looks like this
(insert screenshot here) 

Please note: Don't do this, this or this 
it's important that you do this by tomorrow
(end email)

Here's the kicker. I need to edit these templates before I send them since there is a different list for every contact. 
Here is what I'm looking for:

  1. A simple way to save my templates into QB WITHOUT a bunch of HTML code!
    1. My templates are long, and I have 40 of them. I do not have time to learn HTML code AND I'm a QB partner; my clients using my app need to be able to customize their templates and I also don't want my clients trying to learn HTML code. 
  2. A button that I click that opens my email server and the "send to" field pulls from my QB contact, and the email has the template there where I can edit, remove bullets, add custom requests, etc. 
  3. Ideally, I'd love to have a record of WHEN this template is sent. but I understand that requires the email server to talk back to QB and I'm willing to move forward without that feature for now. 

In my mind, I can easily save a signature in Outlook that has bold, bullets, images, etc. I did not have to code to do this in outlook, Is there a simple way to accomplish this in my QuickBase? 

I AM willing to pay for an addon or a coach of some sort. The thing is, whatever they do, I have to be able to scale myself (If I need to add another bullet point to my list, it needs to be as easy as "enter, add bullet, type words, click save" not find the spot for it inside 4 pages of code, then insert more code to make it work. 

Is this as simple as I want it to be?? any advice is much appreciated thank you!

Grace Johnson

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  • The best way would be to have the user create an email record and pull down  a Rich Text lookup field from a list of standard responses.

    There will be a blank field on the form and a form rule that says when the email field is blank change it to t(e value of the lookup field.

    To send the email you can either use a native QuickBase Notification or a pipeline.  If using native notification, set the FROM to be by last modified by.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach