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10 months ago

Embed Report in Notification? (view report not report link)

I have two related tables Site Visits<Travel Partners.

I have a notification in the Site Visits table that goes to the travel agency with all the travel information for the candidate (Site Visits table) and their travel partner(s) (Travel Partners table). I want the travel partners reports to display in the notification as a report, not the report link. Maybe my brain is just tired, but I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Forms give the option to display the report instead of the link. How can I code this behavior into the notification?

Sherry Blackburn
Sr. Applications Systems Analyst (Quickbase) PeaceHealth

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  • A report link when it's all said and done is a fancy term for Quickbase to display for you in a form setting the results of a query. It's specific behavior to forms though so you get a similar experience to when you see a report link in reports for example that its just words to show that its a query. 

    My suggestion would be to get creative with thinking about how to use rich-text fields and your QB relationship. My suggestion would be if you're familiar with HTML: 

    1. Create a 'row' field in your child table that combines all of your fields you want for each travel partner into a formula like


    <td>[Field 1]</td>

    <td>[Field 2]</td>

    <td>[Field 3]</td>


    2. In your relationship - make a combined text summary field to summarize all the 'row' data from your child records

    3. Create a new field in Site Visits called 'Table Display' or something like that with a formula like this: 



    <th>Header Column 1</th>

    <th>Header Column 2</th>

    <th>Header Column 3</th>



    & ToText([Combined Row Field from Step 3] &



    4. Put the field from (3) into your email. You can also put it on a form to see how it looks and add some inline styling to make it look good. 

    What your essentially doing is building a 'table' using the relationship between site visit and partners to build your rows and then displaying it that way. 

    Chayce Duncan
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      Hi Chayce,

      Thank you for this response. I just have one question is the "row" field a Formula - Rich Text? If so, it is throwing an error "expecting text" on the <tr>.

      Sherry Blackburn
      Sr. Applications Systems Analyst (Quickbase at PeaceHealth)
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        Formula Text so it can be summarized by QB in the relationship - but in either case it sounds like you might have a syntax error. I apologize for my original post, but you'll need to make sure that you're still following the QB rules for string syntax. I've re-posted it below as an example. 

        "<tr>" & 

        "<td>" & [Field 1]  & "</td>" & 

        "<td>" & [Field 2]  & "</td>" & 

        "<td>" & [Field 3]  & "</td>" & 


        Chayce Duncan