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3 years ago

excel-like report/number of unique


Is there a way to make a report which has three different items as rows and simply displays whatever their totals are in the same column?

This is very easy to do in Excel but I am struggling doing it in QB. 

If this can't be done, does anyone have any ideas as to how to solve this issue:

We have two organizations. Each year, companies can pledge to be members of the two orgs. Some have two pledges for one year since they are members of both organizations. For a given year, I would like to produce a report which shows the total number of pledges to Org A and the total number of pledges to Org B.  (I can do this part easily.)

I then want a total which shows the total number of unique companies. The calculated field is essentially (# of Org A pledges + # of Org B pledges) - # of companies pledged to both orgs.

I've got a field which tells us whether the pledge is to Org A or Org B. I've got a field which tells me if the company has two pledges and therefore should not be double counted. The issue arises in how to display this succinctly in QB. 

Ideally this would all appear in the same chart:

Org A Pledges            # of pledges
Org B Pledges            # of pledges
Total Companies        # of total companies

​This is easy to do in Excel. You simply calculate it and display it. But I can't figure out how to do it in Quickbase.  Any ideas??

Thank you!!


Stephen Jackson
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