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5 months ago

Fast Field

I just saw the Release Notes for this month and the Inclusion of Fastfield.

Anybody got real world feedback on the development and how the User likes it?  I have a client with a Facility Inspection Application.  It runs great on the Desktop.  The Mobile experience is worse than a root canal.

Don Larson

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  • I had a meeting and was demoing fast field. The first thing to realize is, there are two types of mobile integrations.

    1. Simply using Quickbase on your phone. This is just the equivalent to the mobile forms we can make (but as we all hope, updated at some point in our lives).

    2. Submitting a single form via mobile. 

    Fast forms is number 2. It is NOT a way to just view QB and use QB on mobile.

    The good:
    It is really slick in its design and layout, and usage. I think it's really well done as a single submission form. Full marks here.

    The bad:
    Literally everything else. It is ONLY designed as a form submission. It is dreadfully expensive, and charges per submission. I wanted a better mobile experience for our field techs. For me to switch to Fast Forms, because of the fact that they need to be able to submit, then possibly re-edit their submission, that would count as another 'submission'. I estimated it would cost me 100-250k (yes a quarter of a million dollars) per year to implement. You also have to integrate yourself via a pipeline.

    If you are looking at fast field, I would also look at

    I worked with these guys a bit and they are AWESOME people with a great product. I was never able to get funding to use them, and I always felt bad about that because they really tried hard to help me. They deserve the business for sure. They are also in category 2, a form submission charged per form. But better pricing and the apis are built in, no need for pipelines. To be fair, fast field really has the best mobile interface, but Advantage is worth a look.

    Mike Tamoush

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      I haven't been able to find this information about Fastfield. Can a mobile user actually use it to select from a list of Projects in Quickbase, and then fill out and submit data related to that project? From what I can tell, a mobile user can submit data, but it has no relation to and cannot be tied to anything existing in QB. Is this correct?

      Michael Frishman
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        Fast Field does have the concept of Parent Fast Field records.  I think they call them Lookup tables, in that once you select a parent you also get the lookups from that selection.

        Right now, you either have to manually maintain the Parent table in Fast Field or else there are API calls which sounded complicated to me as I was told I would need to have a "Developer Key" - but recognizing that this needs to be made way easier, there are new Quickbase features (I think new Pipelines Step Types)  coming in Q1 or maybe by the end of February to allow a less technical way of keeping the Fast Field Parent tables  (Lookup tables) to match the source of truth which is Quickbase.

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • Fastfield is a mobile first product.  But you need to understand that it's a stand alone product where the  the "integration" with your Quickbase app is via Pipelines in the sending direction to FastFields and the equivalent of a Pipeline using a Fast Fioeld "automation" (I forget what its called) to send the record back to Quickbase.  . 

    A typical use case is to "dispatch" a record to FastField (via a pipeline) and that would cause a record to appear on the field technician's Fast Field App. The geoocation can be captured along with pictures which can be annotated  and marked up with drawing tools, ands then the Field Technician would submit the form and the Equivalent of a Pipeline on the FF side will write the record back to Quickbase.

    Sometime in Q1 they expect to have better support for maintaining the Parent tables in Fast Field.  So for example if the Field Tech needs to select from a drop down of choices where the source of truth is Quickbase, there is not an easy way to keep that parent table updated in Fast Fields.  Quickbase  knows that's a deficiency and they plan to address it with new Pipeline step choices in Q1 2024.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)