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3 years ago

Finding CM Hours report / Searching for reports to add to favorites

Hello!  I am a brand-new user to Quickbase in a Case Management role, and would like to start  building my list of "favorite" reports.  

1) Do I need to know the exact name of a report to search for it and add it to favorites?  Nothing is coming up when I search "CM"

2) More specifically, where can I find the CM hours report so that I can see which patients have already had their Case Management hours fulfilled for the week?

Thank you!

Maggie Wright

Margaret Wright

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  • Yes, as a user you will need to know at least a part of the name of the report to search.  If the report does not come up  for you, then it is possible that your Admin has not listed that Report to appear for your Role.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)