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Qrew Cadet
5 months ago

Fixing a summary field

Hi all!

Updating - I answered my own question on part 1 (and apparently can't delete this thread haha). So I suppose the part 2, which was just a "nice to have" but not necessary is the only outstanding question.


When building my app, I deliberated whether we wanted to maintain "defunct" hospitals versus just deleting them as closures/mergers happened, and have historically chosen to just delete, but today decided yes, it's helpful moving forward. 

But now I have some cleanup and wonder if you can help:

  • Reports cleanup: Is there a way in one fell swoop to now go through all or several reports, and tell it I want it to be filtering out hospitals that aren't defunct? Or is the only way to go through manually to make this adjustment?

Thanks very much!

Christine Kirk

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  • The long and the short is yes - you would need to go into each report and filter out those that are defunct so that they don't appear on your active roster/list.

    I would agree with your sentiment that deleting is not the right course of action, but I will provide a 3rd option that instead of deleting them hide them via security. So for all of your Active roles - change the View settings so that they cannot see defunct records. You could reserve that for only Admins or make a special role that you could put yourself into if you ever needed to see them/access them. 

    This has the advantage the for most purposes they're effectively gone from the interface but still accessible if you ever need them. This would also alleviate having to go into each report to hide them and remove any future issues with other filters. Just another idea. 

    Chayce Duncan
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      Qrew Cadet

      Thanks Chayce, I really appreciate the helpful feedback! In the past, typically mergers/closures were happening with hospitals who haven't engaged at all with my program, so it's been a moot point. But as closures happen, particularly if we've worked with/had any engagement at all, it's helpful to keep that list and be able to reference it.


      Anyway, all of this is helpful. Great thoughts on hiding via security as well – I may go that route.


      Very respectfully,



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