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3 years ago

Formatted text file with .prn as file extension

Need to generate a text file based off the QuickBase data.
The file needs to look like the below with exact line/column spacing. It must be a text file but will have a .PRN file extension.
Jinja s/b able to format the data as below using Pipeline but Pipeline only generates a .csv file.
Any help would be highly appreciated even if recommending a Partner AddOn. 
One Partner can't produce a text file even though they can create formatted .pdf/.doc documents.

Anything in italics (below) will have values from QuickBase fields.

C02,0001, / / ,00:00,0001,1,0001,S,$PRICE

XXX Pricesheet for COMPANY NAME.
Attention: Pricing

Terminal EFF Date Time Product Price
River City Fresno KM     08/05/2021 19:00 CA2ULS 2.9850
River City Fresno KM     08/05/2021 19:00 CA2ULD 2.9900
River City Fresno KM     08/05/2021 19:00 U87C10 2.8500
River City Fresno KM     08/05/2021 19:00 U91C10 3.1525

<!--END OF FILE-->

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