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3 years ago

Formstack - inserting images and merging multiple child tables

Hey everyone! I've got two issues in trying to finalize a pipeline with Formstack documents.

1. Does anybody know how to insert an image within a table? I know how to get it working for inserting an image somewhere in the document from the main Quickbase record, but not for each line item of a child table. 

2. And, I'm also trying to figure out how to get it set up to merge multiple child tables. For instance, currently I have it set up to loop through child records like invoice line items, but I also need it to be able to loop through items from a child schedule table. 

I've looked around quite a bit in the documentation on QB and in Formstack and haven't really found anything to help on either subject. I'd love some guidance. 

Thank you! 

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Elena Larrabee
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