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3 years ago

Formstack merge tablerow function

Hey everyone, hoping somebody can help me with a Formstack issue. I can't seem to get the tablerow function working properly. 

I currently have it set up like this:





{tablerow from=$pull_list_items 



{$_ lineitem.quantity_proposed} 


{$_ lineitem.description} 


{$_ lineitem.total_item_price_qbmerge} 





But, I keep getting this error:

Error merging document (word/document.xml): Syntax error in template "string:{foreach from=$pull_list_itemsitem=_lineitem}" missing 'item' attribute

I've also tried replacing instances of _lineitem with _pull_list_item but got the same error message. 

Does anybody see what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to import rows from a table called Pull List Items, single records are called Pull List Item. 

Also, on a related note, does anyone know if it's possible to insert line items from two different child tables on the same merge? Currently on my traditional mail merge document, I import rows from a schedule table as well as line items. 

Thanks everyone!

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Elena Larrabee
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